Q: Your last name seems sort of French, but your first name doesn’t. How exactly do you pronounce “Enis”?

A: “Enis” is Turkish. It either rhymes with “penis” or “anus”. Your choice.

Q: Where do I get all the fancy equipment you use on your website?

A: For interesting and expensive items, I’ve provided Amazon links with my associate ID so I can make a buck on your inability to search. I hate link clutter, so you’re on your own for the rest. Here’s a hint: if you buy anything at Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table, you’re paying too much. Enjoy their showrooms, and then find it online.

Q: One of your recipes didn’t work/tasted bad/caused a miscarriage/annoyed my cat.

A: That’s not a question. Inferring a “why?”, allow me to answer by suggesting that, if you blindly follow recipes you find on the internet, you probably shouldn’t be putting anything you prepare into any orifice that might initiate digestion, including your poor compost bin’s.