How to Make Nougat

Step 1 – Place eggs and several other ingredients next to a big mixer.

Step 2 – Lay paper all over the counter. Nougat is messy.

Step 3 – Coat a paintbrush with boiling sugar water. Discard paintbrush.

Step 4 – Once the boiling sugar water turns brown, pour it into a mixing bowl. Something white should already be in the mixing bowl.

Step 5 – Dip the mixer into the white stuff and swirl it around a few times. Remove the mixer from the bowl and pinch the white stuff. This is nougat.

Step 6 – Once you have completely pinched the nougat, it should have almonds and pistachios in it. Spread the nougat around in a rectangular pan.

Step 7 – The nougat is now finished. You may occasionally peek at it.

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